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About us

CARE Brasil is a Brazilian NGO and member of CARE International, a federation of 12 member countries (Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, United Stares, France, Netherlands, Japan, Norway, United Kingdom, and Thailand), headquartered in Geneva, that fights poverty in over 70 countries.

CARE Brasil began to operate in August 2001. Its mission is to fight poverty, facing its structural causes, in rural and urban areas of low HDI (Human Development Index) in Brazil. In the communities and areas in which it operates, CARE Brasil focuses on local and sustainable development, through social inclusion, local economy consolidation, environmental preservation, public management innovation, and social mobilization.

The key elements addressed by CARE Brasil to encourage local development are education andcapacity bulding. CARE Brasil acts as a catalyst and facilitator in developing processes to capacitate, involve, create and increase the autonomy of people and communities towards their future and provide access to civil and human rights.

In this process, capacity bulding, follow-up of activities and monitoring of all programs are constantly conducted by many jurisdictions within the organization.


Reading circle in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro (Anderson Alimoe/CARE Brasil)

CARE Brasil seeks a country free from poverty, with social justice and hope, proud of its diversity, a place where people live with dignity, safety and stability.

We have partnerships with civilians, companies, the State and CARE International, in an action to fight poverty in Brazil and worldwide. CARE Brasil intends to be recognized by its priceless commitment with peoples’ dignity.

CARE Brasil always searches for excellence and works with determination, motivated by, in partnership with social groups sharing its views.

Our Mission

The mission of CARE Brasil is to foster development in poor communities in Brazil, increasing experience, diversity and resources available. We act as catalysts of social changes in the search for lasting solutions to fight poverty.

Farmers learn about milk production techniques in Goias (CARE Brasil)

Territorial programs

CARE Brasil operates in the main poverty pockets of Brazil through programs in rural areas in the North, Northeast and Mid-west of Brazil; and in the outskirts of Brazil’s largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Strategic Projects

The pillars of Local Development also guide the strategic frontlines of CARE Brasil in connection with poverty fighting and climate change, since strong and powerful communities and people have a better chance to fight poverty and adjust to climate changes.

Actions towards adjustment to and mitigation of climate changes, business training and financial inclusion in the territories make people stronger, help them to achieve sustainability in the community and add to the territorial programs.

Humanitarian Assistance

Mother and child who benefited from CARE's emergency help (Marina Spirandelli/CARE Brasil)

CARE is globally recognized for its work of humanitarian assistance, and has over 60 years of experience in this area. As of 2010, CARE Brasil began to work in emergencies of Care International: it promoted campaigns to raise funds and supported the work of CARE in Haiti and Chile following the earthquakes that affected these countries in the first months of this year. Also, after the storms in the State of Rio de Janeiro, making over 8,000 people homeless in April, Care Brasil organized a task force in the city of São Gonçalo.

The mobilization of CARE Brasil to Chile and Rio de Janeiro has been completed. The campaign for Haiti is still open. CARE Brasil is part of a global movement of mobilization with the purpose of raising US$ 100 million internationally for the reconstruction of Haiti, through projects in the coming five years.

Donations to HAITI may be deposited in the account below:

CARE Internacional Brasil
CNPJ: 04.180.646/0001-59
Bank: Banco Real – 356
Branch No.: 0373
Account No.: 5756365-0

Access the blog CARE Brasil in Emergencies to learn more about emergency help [in Portuguese].

How to contribute

You or your company may directly contribute to CARE Brasil, through a donation or as a maintainer. Click here to donate (form in Portuguese).

You may also contribute to CARE Brasil by disclosing its work in your network of colleagues, partners and friends. Join our communities.

For more information about other types of partnerships between you or your company and CARE Brasil, contact Renata Pereira: 55 11 3226-0097 or send an e-mail to rpereira@br.care.org.

Access www.care.org to learn more about Care’s work globally.

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